My son,

My daughter,

I know that you have dreams and ambitions and desires and plans.

I know that you want to succeed in this life that I have given you.

I know that you want to be happy and have love, joy, and peace in your life.

I know that you want to accomplish many things.

Some of them are what you call long-term plans. You have plans stored up for many years to come.

Some of them are what you call short-term goals. There are several things that are important for you to accomplish in the next few weeks and months.

And I see there are some things that you want to do and have every day.

May I interrupt your dreams?

My child,

You did not consult Me about several of your dreams, ambitions, desires and plans. If you would have, you would have learned that I did not want them for you.

You will not succeed in everything you set out to do because some of those plans did not come from Me.

Some of your dreams will not succeed because they are from selfish motives.

Some of your dreams will not succeed because they were put on you from other people out of their brokenness and insecurity.

Some of your dreams are borrowed from other people’s dreams and destinies, paths for others that are unique to them, and to which I did not call you.

And some of your dreams will not succeed because they are much, much too small. You left Me out because you were depending only on what you can see. Your eyes of shallow faith were focused on the flesh—on who you are, what you can do, and what you have, and not on Who I am, what I can do, and what I have.

I Am That I Am. I created everything in the universe from nothing. I therefore own the universe.

I have wisdom and guidance and transformation and providence and joy awaiting you, if only you would have consulted Me, my child.

If you would have consulted Me first, you would have discovered that I have different plans for you. Bigger plans. Better plans. Amazing plans. Mind–blowing plans! Plans to make you stronger, plans to cause you to grow in the fruit and character of my Holy Spirit, plans to transform you into someone who looks just like my firstborn from the dead, Jesus.

My son,

My daughter,

You think you will create a life for yourself insulated from future fear, pain, and sorrow by chasing after your manmade dreams. You think that your works of flesh will accomplish results of eternal significance and gain you the esteem and validation among men that you so desperately crave.

They cannot.

Works of flesh cannot do what only I can do.

I see that you are trusting in those goals being accomplished as your source of temporary happiness instead of My being your source of eternal joy.

You are depending on yourself and others around you to provide you protection, security, and purpose. Only I can be those things to you in a significant way that lasts, my child.

You cannot create dreams, ambitions, desires and plans from your limited perspective, your fleshly motives, and your finite energy, and ask Me to bless them. I will not, no matter how much you want them and think they are good.

I cannot bless your carnal cravings and plans when I know you could do so much more than anything you can conceive of right now.

You cannot comprehend the extravagant works I am planning for you, my beloved child. You do not know all the people I have destined to cross your path for both your goods as part of those extravagant and amazing works. You cannot know the dozens and even hundreds of other lives you will touch through the lives you will personally touch as you follow the call I will redirect you to. But I see them already.

I know the rewards I am planning for you, my child. I know how magnificent and triumphant will be your testimony both later and in eternity as I showcase my glory and power through you in the weeks, months, and years to come. I know what I will have to allow you to undergo in order for you to get that reward and that testimony.

I cannot allow you to exalt yourself and your abilities and gifts, though I gave them to you, as you march on, though sideways, toward your destiny.

That is because when you exalt yourself and your abilities and gifts, you look less like Me and more like the enemy of your soul. Centering your life and future on you unbalances your soul and your life. Centering on you causes your soul and life to degenerate under the influence of that eternal enemy, Lucifer, as you bring yourself under his dominance by imitating his ways.

I removed him from My house once long ago for becoming proud and rebellious. He no longer wanted to do what I created him to do. It pained Me to remove him, but it had to be done. I could not allow him to cause the seed of growing pride, rebellion, and drama to grow in My house. You see what havoc and evil he has caused in the universe and the human race since then. I do not want you to stay under his influence for concern that he will do the same to you and your potential destiny. He has no truth and shows no mercy. Come away from him and his wicked, destructive power.

Stay with Me my dear little one. Center your soul and future on Me. Centering on Me creates truth, balance, stability, love, joy, and peace on the inside that will sustain you in any storm. Consult Me and center your dreams, ambitions, desires and plans on Me and what I desire you to do, not what your flesh dreams up.

You will do exponentially more that way. And your works from My Spirit will last much, much longer.

Let’s just start over, my dear.

You know that I love you very, very much, and that I want nothing but the absolute best for you.

My best for you will mean that you will develop faith, patience, and a loving attitude while you are actively waiting on Me to work out My plans in you and through you.

You may not be happy every day, my dear, but you will become consistently joyful as you submit to My love, My sovereignty, and My transforming power.

In order for you to reach the dreams I have for you, you will have to let Me interrupt your dreams and humbly, obediently receive mine.

You will have to trust Me in your life and with your life. Will you?

Will you trust Me, my son?

Will you trust Me, my daughter?

Will you trust your unknown future because I am already there in its midst, glorying in what you will someday do?


Based on Psalm 37:3–5; Isaiah 14:12–17 & 55:8–9; Jeremiah 7:9 & 29:11; John 8:44; Romans 8:5–8 & 29; 1 Corinthians 2:9 & 3:11–15; Ephesians 3:20; Colossians 1:18; James 1:2–4 & 4:10

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