May the Lord bless your path, your arrival, and your leaving.

May He give you the wisdom you need to guide your plans.

May your eyes be focused on the great marriages around you that have lasted so that you may have great examples, awesome inspiration, and fabulous mentors to guide you into your next marriage.

May your faith grow in proportion to your obedience and collective answers to prayer.

May your relationship with Jesus grow deeper, sweeter, and stronger over time.

May you be awed and extremely grateful for how you see the Lord working in and through your life and the ministries He has assigned you to take on.

May He give you joy unspeakable in the midst of painful trials and unknown outcomes.

May you find more to laugh about and not take seriously that you don’t have to take seriously.

May He give you great love and fresh comfort in new and unexpected places this coming season.

May you not fall in love with the wrong type of person so that you will not marry the person who’s wrong for you.

May you learn well from your mistakes as well as others’ mistakes.

May you experience the peace that passes all understanding as you guard your heart with all diligence and cast all your cares on Him.

May you get enough sleep, adequate exercise, proper nutrition, rest breaks, humor breaks, and sneaky reminders of God’s love for you throughout your day to make you last the distance and accomplish everything you need to do each day.

May you get out of debt and stay out of debt so that you may bless others with the resources the Lord has given you to manage.

May you continue to be challenged and to mature in every area of your existence: physically, emotionally, intellectually, professionally, financially, socially, spiritually.

May your dates and romantic relationships be pure but passionate and glorify God so that you may have a glorious testimony of God’s grace and power to those needing that encouragement and example.

Every year, may you make new and exciting discoveries about yourself—new foods to favor, new past times to enjoy, and new skills to hone.

May you find new, righteous, and effective coping skills to practice and utilize in managing your mood and your stress.

May you weigh what your driver’s license says you do!

May memories of departed loved ones grow sweeter, brighter, and less painful and troubling as time marches on.

May your season of singleness only extend until you are ready and the Lord’s choice for you is ready. Then may the single season ripple into a new season of discoveries, delights, obediences, and spiritual bonding that will carry you to God’s altar.

May you make and keep friends from previously unexplored areas in your community that you may learn to exchange God’s grace and love with new friends.

May you decrease and may He increase.

As your outward appearance begins to mar with age, may your inner beauty, strength, and God’s glory shine through you ever brighter.

May you discover more to love, appreciate, and worship about Jesus with each passing year.

May you find how well Jesus meets your needs more than what you thought you wanted.

May you continue to trust Him though you don’t get all the answers you want about the things that have happened in your life.

May your future marriage—if you are graced with a marriage instead of contentment in singleness—reflect Christ’s passionate love relationship to His bride, the Church, more and more with each passing day.

Though there may be some conflict now between you and your children or grandchildren, may they rise up to call you blessed and themselves blessed to be related to you before you leave this earth.

If you die before the rapture, may the place where your memorial service is held become filled with people who love and miss you. May there be many, many comforting, enlightening, humorous words shared about who you were and the spiritual legacy that you left behind.

May the Lord stand to greet you and tell you, “Welcome, good and faithful servant, come into the joy of your Lord and Master.”


I can’t wait to meet you whether here, there, or in the air!


2 thoughts on “A Blessing and a Prayer for you, my Single Christian Friend”

    1. Hi, Rachel,
      I am glad you found my post on grief uplifting. May the Lord bless you on your journey through grief. And I hope you will return for more encouragement in the weeks to come.

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