32 Christmas Holiday Self-Questions (one for each day from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas) for Single Christians to answer, copy, paste, and circulate for fun!

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  1. Favorite Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner side dish (not main meat or dessert!):
  2. Favorite Christmas scripture:
  3. Do you still have a Christmas ornament from your childhood? Yes or No
  4. I finished all my Christmas gift shopping before Thanksgiving: Yes or No
  5. Favorite religious Christmas carol:
  6. Favorite secular Christmas song:
  7. I did / I will put up outdoor Christmas lights this year. Yes or No
  8. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  9. Does your pet have Christmas outfits/collar/decorations? Yes or No
  10. How many miles from you is it to the nearest major outdoor neighborhood Christmas light display?
  11. My favorite Christmas movie of All. Time:
  12. As a kid, did you ever wonder how Santa gifted houses without chimneys? Yes or No
  13. The funniest or cutest Christmas jewelry, shirt, or toy I’ve seen so far this year is:
  14. Eggnog, hot chocolate, or mulled apple cider?
  15. Favorite Christmas scent:
  16. Play Santa Claus for 6 hours at the mall or shovel snow for 6 hours in your neighborhood?
  17. Best Christmas gift I ever got as a kid:
  18. I still collect _______ for Christmas (eg. angels, nativities, reindeer, Santas, miniature trees).
  19. For the day after Christmas, I’d rather: 1) play in the snow in the cold mountains, or 2) play in the sand on the warm beach
  20. Favorite Christmas dessert:
  21. I have at least one article of Christmas clothing or accessory that I still wear: Yes or No
  22. The one thing I’m going to try this Christmas season that’s really different for me is: (for ideas, see my blog from 11/13/16, “2016 Top 25 Single Christians’ Holiday Tips & Hacks” here: http://glendablogz.com/2016/11/13/2016-top-25-single-christians-holiday-tips-hacks/)
  23. I still like to snail mail old-fashioned, real, live, hardcopy Christmas cards. Yes or No
  24. I’m regifting something I got last year! Yes (and don’t ask what it is!) or No
  25. Real or artificial Christmas tree?
  26. Favorite food I love to make or bake for the holidays is:
  27. I will host a holiday gathering at my place before Christmas. Yes or No
  28. If I could be any character from the Biblical Christmas story, I would be:
  29. I have a friend of a different ethnicity or background who celebrates a completely different holiday this season: Yes or No
  30. I have donated/will donate food, money, clothes, toys, and/or time to an organization or church ministry on or before December 16, 2016. Yes or No
  31. Red or Green?
  32. Favorite Christmas decoration:

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