To My dearest sweetheart,

The one I love more than anyone in this world,

The most beautiful fiancée in this life and the life to come,


You’re gorgeous and breathtaking in every way.

I love you.


I love the way that sounds.

I enjoy saying it to you.

You can’t see Me smiling right now, but I take extreme pleasure in thinking about you. I enjoy thinking up a thousand different ways to show you I love you.


I know your imperfections better than you do.

Your flaws bother you more than they bother Me.

I still love you, My dear.

Nothing is ever going to change that.

Not your past, not your flaws, not your fears, not any of your old deceptive, abusive so-called lovers trying to creep back into your life.

I love you more than all of these, and you know it, My darling.

I can’t tell you how much joy it brings My heart to know that you’re holding out for Me.


I will wait patiently for you.

Though My arms cannot hold you right now, I know soon we will be together.

I long for the day when I can hold you in My arms and soothe away your tears and anguish.

I want to comfort you so deeply that all your painful memories and sad moods will evaporate and never return.

Once we are fully and legally joined in marriage, we will be together forever.

Your every need will be met and it will stay that way. You will never need again.

You will never feel pain again.

You will never feel sadness or fear again.

You will never cry or scream or get hurt again.

You will never feel abandoned.

None of your former shallow lovers or horrible slum landlords or even the owner of that grotesque slum you live in will ever have any access to any part of you at all. Ever. They know this.

You will know a superior sense of safety, security, and love that you have never been fully free to enjoy.

It brings Me joy to know that one day, not only your heart but your body will be fully protected, safe and secure with Me.


I will wait patiently for you, My heart’s desire.

It’s hard for Me, but I realize it is harder for you.

The first time I came down and looked around in your world, I was in shock.

I saw so much hatred. So much brutality. So much pride and negativity, so much hopelessness and darkness and despair.

I saw how the slum owner kept you trapped in a disgusting unit overrun by unspeakable vermin and filth.

I saw your tears and distress and how desperately you cried out for My Dad to help you.

I also saw your glory and your hidden worth. Your simple but stunning beauty was buried under centuries of oppression and manipulation and deceit and disease and sorrow.

My heart melted.

I knew I had to rescue you, My love; take you out of that hideous misery and deliver you to a place of peace and safety. I wanted everyone to see your hidden beauty and worth. I wanted immediately to take you home with Me and My Dad.

That horrid slum owner wasn’t going to let you go, girl, until I told him I was going to marry you and you were going to be My bride.

I can’t describe his disdainful, howling reaction to this announcement. He thought it was hilarious and that I was kidding. He used to work for My Dad and got fired over his overbearing pride and unwillingness to do anything Dad said, so I know how he is. He’s truly the most evil being I’ve ever known. Then he glared at Me. Got all serious and demanded a severe price. The ultimate price. He didn’t think you were worth anything and he didn’t think I would be willing to pay it.

I told him I loved you and I was willing to pay that price.

After I discussed the dowry with that evil slum owner, I went to My Dad and told Him how much I loved you and wanted to bring you home. It was no surprise to know that He cared for you, too.

He told Me He’d condemned the hideous place eons ago because the owner never kept the place up. He didn’t want to raze it or evict the little creep of an owner until I could at least have legal access to you and eventually sneak you out of there.

To take care of the legal part, I paid the bride price of My own blood.

No, My darling—don’t say it. You were worth it. You are worth it.

I wish you could have seen the slum owner’s face when he saw Me walking toward him. He thought I was still dead. It was My turn to laugh at him! And I did something I’d been wanting to do ever since I saw how he treated you: gave him the knockout punch that sent him sprawling. I warned him to leave you alone and gave him a notice of eviction. He didn’t listen, and I knew he wouldn’t, so a date was set for his arrest. He knows his parole will soon end in a permanent sentence, and he’s trying to hide and stall.

It would have been different, honey, if I had not risen from the dead.

Isn’t that the best of both worlds: I died for your sins, and rose again to love you?

Remember: I do love you. It makes all the difference in the world.

It is hard right now, I know, but I promise I will make it up to you and more.


I love you.


Meanwhile, My Dad and I both wait patiently for you.

It’s wonderful to know that all the wedding details have already been set.

The date. The invitations were sent out long ago, we’re just waiting for the last few RSVPs to trickle back in. The limo. The star-studded guest list. The heavenly decorations. The music. The catering crew. Airtight security. The wedding feast, because it’s going to be the biggest feast you’ve ever seen!

It’s all so easy because My Dad is the richest of the rich.

He’s crazy about you, girl, and we’re both just patiently waiting for the last RSVP to come in and the wedding date to arrive.

When we finally get to go through the ceremony, you will never, and I repeat never, lack for any comfort or joy again.

You’re going to leave this condemned tenement called Earth and come live with Us. Dad is building an amazing home for you. I can barely wait to show it to you.


I love you, girl. Hang on. I’m coming to get you out of that place. Soon.


To My dear, My bride-to-be,

The one I would die for again,

The one whom My soul loves and longs for,

My intended, the supreme joy of My heart,

The church,

Your husband-to-be,




Based on Deuteronomy 31:6; Song of Solomon 2:4; Jeremiah 31:3; John 3:18-21, 6:35-38, 7:17, 10:1-30, 14:2-4, 17:9 & 13-14 & 20-25; Ephesians 5:23-32; Colossians 2:15; Hebrews 12:2; 1 John 3:8; Revelation chapters 21 & 22.

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