For the first half of my Christian walk, I went to a mainstream denominational church that gave me the absolute best spiritual foundation a freshly-graduated high school girl could ask for.

I was well-trained in the basic spiritual disciplines befitting a follower of Christ: prayer, Bible reading & Bible study, scripture memorization, worship, fellowship, ministry, and evangelism. However, there was a whole world of spiritual warfare that I knew nothing about happening all around me.

I would see entire families addicted to drugs or alcohol and seeming powerless to get themselves out. People would tell me they were drawn to the homosexual lifestyle, then disappear from church and never return. Friends and I would try to persuade someone in our singles group not to return to a former lover from their pre-Christian days, often to no avail. Individuals who were severely depressed or raging angry or victimized by abusive spouses or parents got some support but little release or practical advice from our church leaders back in those days.

The standardized pat answers from church were not helping these people.

It’s been several years since I transitioned to a different denomination, and it was here that I first heard about the term “soul ties.” When I began to understand what they were, I began to understand what was happening to many of those members in my old singles groups.

Christian single, in order for you to get to the next part of your life and even His marriage for you in God’s kingdom and timing, if you  have any soul ties, you will want to get rid of them.

A soul tie is the connection between two souls in the spiritual realm. In Scripture, this connection is identified by phrases such as, “cleave to,” “knit together,” and “bound up,” if using the KJV.

Married people have soul ties, whether for good or for bad, Genesis 2:24.

The closest of friends, such as Jonathan and David were, had their souls knit together, 1 Samuel 18:1.

A negative soul tie is a spiritual stronghold that leads to physical, mental, emotional, and volitional bondage. This stronghold is usually formed through ungodly influences and illicit and/or negative relationships.

Symptoms include feeling emotionally trapped into staying with or returning to that person, being obsessed about the person, having intrusive thoughts about them, hearing their voice in your head, having extreme difficulty in moving onto the next phase of one’s life or romantic relationship, and demonstrating their captor’s most negative trait. If they were obsessed with sex, you became obsessed with sex; if they were a really angry person, you became a really angry person.

Some have attempted to make normal grief for loss a soul tie. Not every loss becomes a soul time. It’s normal to grieve or feel connected to that person by being around their personal belongings or miss someone severely when someone you loved deeply dies.

The grieving process is also normal when, due to divorce or breaking up, you are no longer in a formal relationship with someone you once loved.

The difference is grief has a normal lifespan: a beginning, a middle, and an end. You are eventually able to move on with your life, though the fond memories you had with the beloved will always have a place in your heart.

Soul ties, on the other hand, seem to stay at the same intensity as when the relationship was broken and may sometimes worsen. Look for a pattern of becoming entangled with the same type of wrong person (abusive, alcoholic, unemployed, a womanizer or Jezebel spirit) repeating itself in your life.

How are soul ties actually formed?

  1. The soul tie might have been formed if you had sex with your partner before you got married, whether or not you two ever got married. Sex was designed by God to become a lifestyle of intimacy to bind 2 people together in the sanctity and security of a legitimate marriage. It was never designed to become a leisure activity or a benefit for unmarried persons to give vent to their lusts. When you have sex with that person, you also have sex spiritually with everyone else your partner has ever been with. That could certainly put you in a vulnerable position of being thrust into a spiritual stronghold, 1 Cor. 6:16-17.
  2. Words are powerful. The soul tie might have been formed when you made vows to that other person that you had no business making vows to, saying things like, “I will love you forever” or “I’ll always be there for you.”
  3. Through being involved with occultic practices, whether innocently playing with the Ouija board as a child, reading horoscopes with coworkers, or having someone place a curse on you. When we become followers of Christ, all curses and hexes become null and void. However, the demonic activity associated with soul ties may not cease without forceful renunciation on your part. They never give up their ground without a fight.

The easiest way is to declare out loud that you are canceling and renouncing all soul ties.

The best article I have read about soul ties is by Dave Burwell. In his article, he recommends going through 6 basic steps with a godly, trusted friend or pastor of the same gender. Read about it here:

If you are having difficulty “breaking through,” I recommend asking a few trusted friends to pray for you and with you over this matter. I also recommend that you visit a church with a Healing Rooms ministry or a Sozo ministry.

Pray with a watchful soul so that you do not allow the enemy to beat you up over not having enough faith or being forced to speak in tongues. I can’t tell you how many worship services or prayer meetings I have gone to where people started speaking in tongues and the Lord has given me discernment to understand who is speaking in false tongues and prayed them to stopping.

Soul ties are ties that bind and bind and bind. Let the Lord complete His delivery of you and hasten His sanctification within you by allowing Him to sever all soul ties from you.



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