Lately, there has been a lot of change in not only my life, but the lives of some of my friends.

A few of my friends have already moved out of state. Friends are dating and getting married and starting their own businesses.

One of my now-former coworkers will be retiring early next year to expand his business.

One of my best social work friends got a job transfer and is moving to the other side of the state. Another friend may be moving out of the county to return to a career that he left years ago.

My prayer circle facilitator is retiring in August.

I retired last month. I may soon be making a major move myself.


Sometimes I don’t like it.

It’s sad to see the people I love move physically out of my life.

But it’s better if I accept it in the moment.

Not all change is good. I don’t have to approve of everything that comes my way.

There are many things that have changed in my culture that I don’t like. Some are stuck in the cultural shifts and aren’t sure they like it. Others like the changes. I have to accept each individual where they are at, even if I don’t like their message because the only way people present is as they are.

How do I deal with changes I don’t like?

Depending on who it involves and what the change is, I:



Complain, whine, and grumble (this part doesn’t last long).

Celebrate and cheer them on instead of clinging.

Stay connected with friends near and far.

Make sure I have a life.


Plan and keep my life structured.

Use my other resiliency skills.

Make new friends.

Don’t keep rehashing “the good old days” before any of the changes happened. Don’t get stuck or stay melancholy about life marching on.

Pray. Pray a lot.

Worship. Worship a lot.

Keep applying God’s Word to my heart.

Know what I believe and why.

Dialogue with someone who can have a reasonable discussion about our differences so we can gain insight into each other’s perspectives and why they think and decided a certain way. Agree to disagree agreeably.

Reflect on my own life.

Express gratitude to the Lord for all He’s done and given to me.

Evaluate recent changes I’ve made in my own life as well as changes I need to make. I’m decluttering my storage units.

Remind myself that every person goes through seasons of change and it will be my turn again soon.

Remind myself that change is inevitable. Acceptance is optional but strongly encouraged. I do not want to become a whiny, insecure, nosey, jealous, bitter person who won’t face her issues or deal well with certain changes.

Finally: I remind myself that the Lord is with me through any and all seasons of change. He will comfort and strengthen me through everything He calls me to walk through.

I can do this. You can do this.

We can do this thing called change.

Clothed in strength and dignity, with nothing to fear,
she smiles when she thinks about the future. Proverbs 31:25 VOICE

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