Sometimes when you’re whining before the Lord and He shows up unexpectedly, you just get grateful.

I had started off on the wrong attitude. During my quiet time this morning, I started thinking about how I had failed to follow through on an earlier mission in life from the Lord to get my MSW early, then go to a particular country and assist them in their financial difficulties. I was sad about my lack of faith in that endeavor. And I was stressed about my finances. My energy level and attitude only got worse from there.

By the time it was time for me to write my blog article for next week, I was worn out.

It’s almost always my fault. One reason I was tired was because I’d stayed up too late last night on social media (doing exactly the opposite of what I told others to do for good sleep hygiene in my recent article for Single Matters in the continuing Healthy Habits for Singles series).

It didn’t help that I had a nice, hot, bowl of potato soup to finish off my lunch. (No matter what the weather is like, I always love soup.)

I was bored. Since I moved to the east coast early this month, and since I spent too much of my tax refund last spring before the Lord called me to move (again, my fault), finances were tight for the rest of the month, and I haven’t been able to run around and explore like I normally would have.

I was discouraged. I got tired of looking for writing jobs that pay and not hearing back from any of the editors I’d contacted.

I was lonely. I’ve hardly made any friends. In 13 days, I’d visited two churches (once for a concert) and one community Bible study. The Christian singles retreat I registered for isn’t till Labor Day weekend.

I was telling the Lord all this and more as I was getting ready to take a short nap after trying to write on three other topics for this week’s blog. I reminded Him that I needed extra finances so I could get a new local post office box this month. That way, I could get a refund on the post office box I left behind on the west coast.

A phone call from a stranger changed the afternoon and showed me, once again, the faithfulness of God.

I was informed by the retreat coordinator that there might be a carpool/roommate possibility if I contacted so-and-so. We got in touch and got to yakking. I was floored when she asked if she should give me cash or a check at the retreat, or mail me a check next week for her half of the room.

I thought everyone was supposed to pay the same amount for their lodging, regardless of how many were in the room. I didn’t realize I had paid for the entire room when I signed up! The amount she promised to mail will more than cover the cost for a local P.O. box.

Perfect timing, God. As always.

I chided myself for being anxious about His providence.

You’re in new territory because I led you here, spoke the gentle Spirit of God to my soul after that call. I’m doing a new work in you, developing your faith in entirely new ways. You’re exactly where I want you. Be prepared for more growth. The next 40 years will be your best yet.

This week, August 23 in fact, will be my 40th spiritual birthday. As I mentioned in a blog last year, I received Christ at a youth summer camp and never looked back. I never thought I would make it to this day.

I didn’t even know what to write about this afternoon when God reminded me this milestone—no, smilestone—was coming. Hopefully, I’m developing this attitude:

Clothed in strength and dignity, with nothing to fear, she smiles when she thinks about the future. Proverbs 31:25 VOICE

Thank You, Jesus, I really needed that today. You always have surprises for me.

Thank You for the first 40 years. I look forward to seeing what You will continue to do in and through me.

And thank You for giving me eternal life and inviting me to come live with You in Your house, forever and ever, with all the rest of Your people from throughout the centuries. It’s going to be awesome to meet them and hear their testimonies, and, finally, to see You, face to face. Amen.

It’s good to know that, because of God’s eternal plan, providence, and love for me, the next 40 years are going to be even better than the first 40.

Be sure to tune in next week, when my guest blogger will be Sara Upchurch, FB administrator for the group, Singles with Jesus. She’ll be sharing her story and insights about a topic most of us singles can relate closely to. Please look for her post Sunday morning!

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