Last year I posted a list of 32 fun Christmas holiday questions that got a little traction. This year I came up with 32 new fun holiday questions (one for each day from today through Christmas Eve) for you to answer for yourself, then copy and paste and share to social media, or to use as ice-breakers. Let the fun begin!

(To see my answers, however, you will have to go to my blog’s Face Book page today. It’s named the same as my blog!)

  1. I do most of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. Yes  or  No
  2. Silver or gold ornaments?
  3. I will be going out of town to spend Christmas this year. Yes  or  No
  4. My favorite Christmas movie as a child was:
  5. I have made and strung garland using popcorn and/or fresh cranberries. Yes  or  No
  6. The coolest Christmas tradition from another country or culture is:
  7. I will eat Christmas leftovers for (number) days before I get tired of them!
  8. I will put up a fake Christmas tree this year. Yes  or  No
  9. Ham, turkey, or beef?
  10. Either my birthday or another family member’s birthday is in December. Yes  or  No
  11. Matthew or Luke’s version of the Christmas story?
  12. My favorite childhood memory from Christmas is:
  13. I bought a new Christmas decoration for my office or home this year. Yes  or  No
  14. I will hang up (number) Christmas stockings this year.
  15. Most romantic Christmas song is:
  16. I have a Christmas decoration for my car. Yes  or  No
  17. Best Christmas gift I ever got from a coworker/office gift exchange:
  18. Cookies, cake, or pie?
  19. I have played Santa or Mrs. Santa before this year. Yes  or  No
  20. The last time I went caroling was:
  21. My favorite Christmas album/CD?
  22. I will participate in at least two white elephant gift exchanges this season. Yes  or  No
  23. It will take me (number) days after Christmas to put away all my Christmas decorations.
  24. My favorite Christmas hat/headgear is:
  25. The one new Christmas tradition I’d love to start once I get married is:
  26. I will be out shopping December 26. Yes  or  No
  27. How old were you when you realized Santa Claus was not real?
  28. My favorite theme for a Christmas tree would be:
  29. My church has an ongoing ministry to poor families and/or the homeless that I’m participating in before Saturday, December 23, 2017. Yes  or  No
  30. Fresh cut pine tree scent or cinnamon sticks scent?
  31. I have been in a Christmas play or cantata before. Yes  or  No
  32. My 3 favorite names for Jesus are:

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