Taking Our Cities for God: How to Break Spiritual Strongholds; Revised 2001

Charisma House, Lake Mary, FL

By John Dawson

The first time I ever heard John Dawson speak, it was at a missions conference where he was the headliner. Though it has been years, I still recall that he had such a passion for God and a corresponding gentle, loving passion for people, saved or unsaved.

I was impressed. I was stunned by his genuine and straightforward, but peaceful way of sharing his heart, which you could tell was inextricably intertwined with God’s heart. I let that tender passion rest on my battle wearied heart that day and for many days afterwards. Some of us were privileged to sit with him for a meal, and he had firm words of encouragement for the spiritual battle I was in.

That tender passion lingers.

I had never heard of him before, but I look for his name now to show back up in regional events.

When he recently came to speak at an event in our area, I finally got the sense to look for any books that he had written and came across Taking Our Cities for God. What a treasure map for prayer warriors! I got this book a week before Easter and I’m only on page 37.

This book, originally published in 1989, instantly became a necessary textbook and classic in missions circles everywhere. There is more than information on each page. John shares his stories and strategies, good and bad, in every chapter. His 1989 assessment of the city of the future is where we live today in 2016. His and his colleagues’ experiences and adventures in praying for cities, regions, and movements are enthralling and give hope. You will get a realistic view of the business and battle of praying for your family, your church, your neighborhood, your workplace, your city, your county, and your region. This book will rock your prayer world.

If you love to pray, get Taking Our Cities for God by John Dawson. If you’re part of a city or regional prayer meeting and you’re hungry to see the Lord move in your city, get Taking Our Cities for God by John Dawson. If you have been puzzled by increasing darkness and obstacles blocking your prayer for situations and cities, get Taking Our Cities for God by John Dawson. If you want to pick up a book you can’t put down unless you take a few paragraphs or pages at a time, get this book, read it, and apply it. Share it with your other prayer warrior friends. This contemporary classic will help you and your prayer friends understand what is going on behind the scenes while you’re praying. Taking Our Cities for God will give you insight and wisdom in how to pray, not according to a rote formula, but effectively, for His kingdom and glory.

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